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What Our Clients Say

Shubham Karkar

Arizona State University

I had a great experience with Key2Kred. The staff was efficient and experienced. They guided me all through the process. I strongly recommend Key2Kred to all the students who are planning to study abroad and looking for an education loan.

Jash Mitesh Gaglani

Rutgers University

I highly recommend Key2Kred for an education loan. The process was hassle-free and quick. They valued their customer's time and made the process of an education loan easy. I highly appreciate their work ethics. Thank you Key2Kred for helping me out through the whole process.

Aditya Wagh

NYU Tandon School of Engineering

The team was very experienced and clear. They stand by their words. The rate of interest which was promised was delivered to me. I am very happy with their service. They are very efficient and professional. Cheers to Key2Kred!!

Jani Rutul Dhimant

Texas A&M University

The process was streamlined. The efforts and hard work they've put in were commendable and the team was really cooperative. I had a great experience with them. Highly Appreciated Key2Kred! .

Satyaki Sinha

University of Florida

I would rate 10 on 10 to Key2Kred for their work, by their help I was able to make it this year. They turned my dream into reality. I happily recommend Key2Kred to all.

Abhijeet Tanaji Kandekar

University of Florida

I strongly want to thank Key2Kred for providing the education loan on time. I had a limited time to get this done just because of the expedited process of Key2Kred I was able to make it. Once Again, Thank You Key2Kred!!

Hemanth Mishra

Rutgers University

I was in a tight spot when I needed to pay for my college tuition, but Key2Kred was there to help me out. Their loan process was quick and easy, and I was able to get the money I needed in no time. Highly recommend!

Manpreet Kaur

Texas A&M University

I had a great experience with Key2Kred when I needed to take out a loan for my college fee. They were very helpful and understanding, and the process was quick and easy.

Parijat Dhar

Drexel University

I was very perplexed about the education loan, like where to apply and how to get the education loan. However, Key2Kred solved all my queries about the education loan process and made it smooth and clear. I had a great experience with them.

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